Worksnaps is a time tracking system specifically designed to allow the verification of the time and the work that has been performed by its user. Through the Worksnaps Client, samples of the activities and the work being performed by its user will be taken. These samples, called "worksnaps," will then be sent to the main server. Each of these "worksnaps" are equivalent to 10 minutes of activities or work done by its user. It also includes a screenshot, the number of mouse clicks and key strokes, and the sequence of any active applications being run during the time that the sample was taken.

Main Uses

The Worksnaps time tracking system can be useful and beneficial to both the employee and to the manager or the employer. Through the series of samples or "worksnaps" taken, the employee can provide proof that he or she has worked on any given task. This helps facilitate a higher level of accuracy in time tracking. On the other hand, the manager or the employer can then use these "worksnaps" to verify that the Worksnaps Client's user (which is in this case, the employee) has really worked on these tasks. This also allows the manager or the employer to verify the amount of time the user has worked.


Worksnaps offer a wide variety of useful and beneficial features to both its user and to the person who does the verification of the time and work done by the client's user. From being able to track the time and the work done by the user to helping both the employee and the employer stay focused on the tasks ahead, this time tracking system provides it all. Below are just some of the key features that Worksnaps has to offer.

•     Verify Time and Work Done with Evidence
•     Useful Work Snap Details
•     Project Dashboard
•     Full Access Control
•     Handle Multiple Projects
•     View Real Time Work
•     Specifically Designed for Remote Work

Aside from the beneficial features mentioned above, Worksnaps is also the most ideal time tracking system for programs such as Freshbooks, Harvest, and Basecamp. There are also four different plans that you can choose from, starting from the free package, the Lite package ($15/month), the Plus package ($30/month), and the Pro package ($60/month). Each of these packages offer different features, with the Pro package being the most ideal one for users amounting to 30 people or more.