Based in in Stafford, Texas with locations in Canada and UK, Glanor is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of top quality leather goods that blend luxury and style with functionality and durability. We use only the finest Full-Grain premium quality leather and solid weatherproof hardware. Each creation is meticulously designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans for our valued customers who demand nothing but the best.

Having years of combined experience as a private-label manufacturer, and upon popular demand, we decided to bring the magic to you, this time with our name on just some of the products that we designed especially for you. We still manufacture as a private label, so chances are, you have used our products, but never knew it was a Galnor. We protect and keep strictly confidential, the identity of the brands we manufacture for; so please, don’t ask us who they are...

Over the years we developed a state of the art in-house tanning, designing, crafting, manufacturing and processing plants for all our processes, hence, achieving absolute perfection. Right from tanning of the leather to the design of the product, from its stitching to packaging, every step is critically analyzed and micro managed to create a product that is bound to take your breath away. Any component not produced at our facility as yet (like the metal hardware), are sourced from leading vendors around the world, who are recognized for excellence in the respective industries. We generously use as much of our premium leather as possible never substituting it for a lesser kind of material, or ever cutting corners to save on the premium leather that we are so proud of. Where need be we use a double layer of the same premium leather, to provide stability and durability in the quality Glanor product you deserve. Our products are loaded with premium high quality goodies. Unlike our competitors we never cover our leather with fabric lining to hide the leather, but instead confidently show it off, for you to enjoy its very best quality. Please read our Quality and Process section to get a glimpse on what we do, how we do it and what to you can expect.

Our specialties include rugged, rustic, distressed or vintage leather made into briefcases, laptop bags, messenger bags, backpacks, satchels, duffel bags, gym bags, belts and wallets. Glanor is constantly adding new products and styles to give our resellers and end customers a complete range of world class leather goods.