Glare Guard Offers a Range of Top-notch Quality Polarized Car Visors

Widely popular and highly recommended manufacturer of Polarized Car Visors – Glare Guard offers a range of polarized car visors that are specially made to protect the eyes from harsh light and to keep the driver safe behind the wheel. Glare Guard’s Car Visors are specially designed to reduce the glare on the road.

The spokesperson of Glare Guard stated, “Being safe on the road is the most important thing but unfortunately, we still do not pay much attention to being careful on the road. In this way, not only do we put ourselves in danger, but we also put others’ precious lives in danger as well. Your safety is our priority, and this is the reason why, after a lot of research and product development, we have come up with a couple products that not only protect you, but others as well. Our Top-notch Quality Polarized Car Visors work brilliantly both at day and night, by reducing the glare but still allowing enough light to reach your eyes and keep you safe behind the wheel”.

The best thing is that each Polarized Car Visor by Glare Guard is hand made in the United States with the utmost care and expertise. The best quality polarizing film is used in each and every Polarized Car Visor; which is the same material that is used by high-quality sunglass brands across the globe..

“Our top-notch quality Polarized Car Visors can easily be attached to your built-in car visors and flip down to reduce glare. Whether it is from the sun or headlights at night, our products will help you see clearly on the road. Each visor extender has adjustable hinges so that you can angle the visor in the perfect position to remove the most glare from your line of vision. Featured in AAA magazine, these are a must have travel accessory”, as stated by the spokesperson of Glare Guard.

About Glare Guard:

Glare Guard is a subsidiary of the Wave Polarizer LLC and is located in Easton, Pennsylvania. All manufacturing for the visors is handled by Wave Polarizer and all aspects of Sales & Marketing are handled by 3D Mention Media, LLC. Currently, Glare Guard offers a variety of products that aim to reduce glare on the road. They have 3 products that are all polarized and are the only polarized car visors on the market.

For more information about Glare Guard and its products, please go to https://www.glare-guard.com

Contact: Glare Guard
653 Bushkill Street
Easton, PA 18042 United States
(610) 438-3730