Headquartered in Glasgow, UK, we serve clients globally in providing attractive global real estate investment opportunities and are committed to providing returns to our investors through the acquisition, improvement, management and growth of a portfolio of select and tailored real estate investments.

As real estate advisors, Glasgow Property Investments advises both domestic and off-shore investors on their real estate acquisitions and portfolio management in Scotland and the rest of the world.

Additionally, we consult in the investment in real estate and land development projects that provide the opportunity to create and capture value depending on a client’s investment requirements.

Discretion is important to us and our clients and we have dealt with confidential assignments from both domestic and off-shore investors where we act on behalf of a buyer who does not want their identity disclosed during negotiations.

Glasgow Property Investments believes that good relations with our clients is the keystone of successful investment partnerships and to this end are dedicated to providing the highest level of service.

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Our business model defines a unique category of real estate Investment Company, offering bespoke global real estate consultation services. Our sole focus is to enable our clients’ financial returns on real estate investment, by addressing risk and creating value in focused areas of the global real estate market by implementing our investment project methodologies.

Glasgow Property Investments has the experience and the resources available to help you reach your personal or business goals. We utilize investment tools, technology, and strong strategic partners to offer you the individual attention you deserve. Rolling up our sleeves, taking time with each client, and looking to the future is the core of our mission. It's a strategy for every kind of investor. It's what you'll find when working with the Glasgow Property Investments team.

Distressed real estate presents...
a unique and temporary opportunity that has resulted from the tidal wave of residential (and expected commercial) foreclosures and repossessed properties.

The dramatic downturn of the housing market and simultaneous collapse of credit markets have created a demand for mechanisms that help return the massive inventory of foreclosed properties from the possession of the banks back to the market.

Furthermore the demand on vendors looking to divest assets due to economic constraints has ensured the availability of investment opportunities for our clients.

Land development will continue to expand in certain markets even as the overall global. real estate market recovers to more normal growth rates.  

Glasgow Property Investments currently operates regions where population shifts, immigration and natural increases are fuelling demand for residential, commercial and industrial construction.

•     High population growth projections and favorable demographics

•     Strong local job development trends and community plans

•     Master planning and infrastructure investment that facilitate development

•     Availability of prime raw land for conversion to residential and commercial uses

•     Many investors seek alternatives to the stock market.  We believe that real estate  investments, particularly those fueling the development of raw land in high growth regions, continue to be outstanding long-term performers.

•     Investing in real estate should be about stability, comfortable and solid returns, as well as attempting to protect the downside using real property.  All are features of a Glasgow Property Investments investment.

•     We structure offerings around real estate in many ways, typically providing fixed-rate returns plus upside participation while putting investors in preferred positions for cash and assets. As a result, the most enticing benefits to our investors include potential for income, portfolio diversification, upside potential.