Glassgenius.com, a niche online marketplace where glass companies can list glass and mirror products and services, announced the official launch of their site today. According to the company, the website was established to provide local glass providers an alternative to large, big-box retail websites like Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, and Wayfair.

Anyone who has a niche product like custom and ready-made glass and mirrors knows that it can be extremely difficult to gain traction on large retail websites where there are millions of competing products that have nothing to do with what you sell.” Said a statement by the company’s CEO. “Those large retailers have a high barrier to entry because you need a certain amount of product and there are many costs associated with getting up and running on the platform. With GlassGenius.com, we have created a free marketplace where glass businesses and glaziers can get up and running instantly and reach their target audience with ease.

Although other marketplaces provide selling capabilities for ready-made glass products, Glassgenius.com allows the selling of ready-made glass goods, as well as a listing of customized product and service offerings. The website is free to join and takes a low commission only when a product or service is sold.

Billed as a one-stop-shop for all your glass needs, Glassgenius.com is expected to draw traffic from tens of thousands of consumers monthly who have specific glass product and service needs. By signing up for the site, sellers will be able to be found in their local markets when consumers are searching for providers. In addition, by signing up, their products and services will be available for easy price comparisons through the website.

With GlassGenius.com, we help you power up your business by reaching your target audience and presenting your products and services to your potential customers. These are warm leads who are already searching for the types of quality products and solutions you offer. Continued the founders.

To sign up for the free marketplace, glass specialists and businesses should register themselves on the site, add their products and begin selling. The exposure that the site offers will help generate revenue and boost a glass business’s growth potential by bringing targeted traffic from the state, regional and national levels searching for glass fabrication, distribution, and installation services in their area.

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