Global Logistics Development Partners is a purpose-built investment advisory firm that is focused to help develop business assets, economic development and strategic infrastructure in emerging and growing trade and logistics hubs. With a delivery-oriented team in North America and Europe and extensive business relationships in the logistics, investment and supply chain world, GLDP offers a unique blend of senior expertise who are expert in key disciplines required for today’s global trade and investment environment.  Our prime interest is in logistics-driven economic development for manufacturing and distribution investment.   We work at and around seaport regions, at airports and at inland logistics hubs.

With senior hands-on practitioner expertise in global logistics, supply chain analytics, logistics-driven industrial development, railroad and motor carrier operations and strategy, port and terminal management and operations, economic development and project finance, GLDP is well-positioned to create value for public and private clients.  GLDP derives strength from a very international perspective which brings knowledge and hands-on experience from around the globe. .  
GLDP boasts a comprehensive range of products for port authorities, economic development organizations, private investors and industrial companies to help unlock investment growth.  The firm brings a highly skilled team over a range of disciplines allowing for customized solutions to a range of client needs and opportunities.  With expertise drawn from senior professionals in ports management, maritime facility development, supply chain, infrastructure planning, market analytics, project finance and economic development, LIA is purpose-built to assist public and private clients to define market potential, craft business strategy and implement infrastructure solutions.  We work alongside our client to interpret their business objectives and then collaboratively define customized business strategies to unlock growth potential.
GLDP is unique in that it offers far more than "consulting" advice, in that it specializes in project delivery in terms of developing financing solution strategies from public and private sources.  Our main objective is to define the market opportunity and help our client develop the business strategy and assets to monetize that potential. We believe that the key to this for most will be the attraction of risk capital, public and private.  

Evolution in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

From an international cargo movement perspective, the world economy is changing very quickly.  No longer is there a status quo regarding manufacturing and distribution patterns.  The manner in which exported and imported goods moved in the past does not necessarily predict the future.  The economics that influence the movement of cargo are rapidly changing and this suggests a fundamental transformation for corporate shippers, industry supply chains and regional economic development.  This transformation will cause some businesses and communities to be less competitive if they don’t evolve their business models but will allow others to enjoy newfound success.  

The fact is that in many places the logistics system is under stress. Largely designed in a different era, legacy logistics infrastructure does not necessarily reflect a modern fit-for-purpose system for cargo movement.  Instead, it is a system designed over decades in piecemeal fashion.  This is amplified by a series of powerful geo-political factors including quite significant market shifts, fast evolving supply chains, new public policies and a now institutionalized expectation for ever higher energy costs.  For private enterprise that is dependent on high efficiency ports, inland logistics hubs and air cargo hubs and all that connects them, there may be increasing doubts about making facility investments that are dependent on long-term viability of system pieces that may well not be able to accommodate.  

Moving freight across global supply chains requires sophisticated multimodal solutions to handle products in shipping containers from their origin to final destination. As road, rail and air haulage costs escalate, it is apparent that facilities located near to a shipping port or logistics hub have significant competitive advantage compared to other factories/distribution centers located at great distances away from logistics centers.  GLDP believes that “logistics-centric economic development” will gather significant momentum and that these assets will be seen as having increased strategic value.