To put it simply, GleeMobile.com allows its customers to purchase Apple accessories (for your Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.) that are sure to bring joy to your life through our e-commerce site. Our unique inventory includes everything from cases to chargers, and even speakers.

With this being said, we pride ourselves on the fact that every product is handpicked by us. We look for products that have the following qualities:

             •Useful and functional
             •Appealing to the eye
             •Durable and high quality

The online shopping experience that GleeMobile.com has created is unlike any other. We have created our site to meet the needs of our targeted audience. While shopping at GleeMobile.com – you can find what you’re looking for quickly, with relevant content, recommendations, beautiful pictures, easy to purchase process, tracking and knowing that Glee will stand behind your purchase.


We at GleeMobile.com strive to be the "go to" site for all mobile accessories. In other words, when you think "mobile accessory", you think "GleeMobile.com."

Our Products and Differentiation
What makes GleeMobile.com different from the competition? It's simple. We have searched and found every mobile accessory that will had joy to a person's life, regardless of the situation. This includes talking on the phone, driving in the car and even sitting at the computer. This "glee" feeling does not begin when the customer uses the product for the first time, but rather from the moment it is purchased on GleeMobile.com because of the shopping experience we have created.

After you have received your product, it will be obvious that the "glee" experience only continues. For example, the flush car charger that doesn’t unnecessarily protrude when plugged in. The fabulous, red, thin Bluetooth stereo headset that can answers calls too. The cradle on the desk becomes the new phone to your "always found" iPhone.

What is a use case?

A use case is a way that you use your mobile device in a particular setting. Use cases are like talking in the car, listening to music on the treadmill, or recording a class in college. There are many use cases for a given mobile device for every person. You may not realize it but you use your mobile device in at least a half a dozen ways.

Who is our customer?

We cater to a few customer types, or personas, in marketing lingo.

We love multi-function devices. For example, if something charges, holds, and sync's your iPhone in one device, it is preferred over having 3 things that are wired together. A "glee moment" is when you don’t have to go under the table to stick that thumb drive in!

Back to personas; take the college kid as an example. The places that a college student can be are outside, dorm, concert, car, gym, party, and well ... sometimes class. Additionally college students prefer colorful and less expensive products as well. With this being said, the glee formula chooses a charger that can be used in the dorm as well as the car, a hip, colorful Bluetooth headset for talking, and a matching set of colorful earphones for music.

In the same vein, we offer extended batteries for the sales persona, arm band holder for the jock, video glasses for a great movie while the exec is on the plane, and real snazzy Bluetooth headset for the successful woman.

How do we select our products?

It's quite simple! We search a vast array of products and only pick products that surpass our standards, along with our own personal taste and experience.