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August 1, 2014 Glendale, CA   Real Estate boutique, DIGGS, debuts cutting edge technology with immersive, 3D home tours.

Traditional real estate advertising gives the home buyer a selected view of a home. Even the best pictures and video can’t give a sense of how the spaces flow together and there are details that can only be captured in a visit to the location - until now.

DIGGS is able to provide true 3D rendering of its listings. Think of having an architect’s physical model of a home.  Imagine being able to pick up that model, turning it and examining certain angles more closely.  DIGGS builds that experience into the marketing of it’s homes.

At DIGGS the consumer can manipulate each one of it’s 3D enabled listings on the web.  They can enter the home,  and “walk”” around by using the mouse or arrow keys.  At any point they can look all around or zoom in to examine small details.  

Kendyl Young, Division Chief at DIGGS says, “as the listing agent, we have information the large real estate portals like Zillow and Redfin will never have.  3D technology allows us to deliver some of that unique knowledge directly to the internet shopper.”

In the near future, the consumer will also be able to see measurements and manipulate colors and finishes of the walls and floors.

For an example, tour the DIGGS office in Montrose CA at http://snip.ly/5vy.  Or, see the latest DIGGS home, here: http://snip.ly/81S


DIGGS is a residential real estate company in Montrose Ca serving Glendale, La Crescenta, Montrose and La Canada.  DIGGS is a division of Dilbeck Real Estate, RealLiving