At Glide-Path, we're trying to improve airport and airline assistance for passengers with special needs.

Our system is FREE for the passenger and works for all journeys, with all airlines.

Give us your details once, and we will use them for each journey you book.

You get a unique journey reference (just like your booking reference with the airline) and you can see a copy of the information sent to the airline (and where possible to the assistance provider at the airport).

No more expensive telephone calls, it's all done online.
See www.glide-path.co.uk (at the moment this links to our test site www.glide-apth-test.co.uk)

Eventually we hope to have direct links from all the airline booking systems and mobile apps which will offer additional services such as lounge access, help with travel to/from the airport and even help with your shopping in the terminal.

But for now, we need passengers to start using the system so that the aviation industry will take seriously the need to communicate your assistance needs reliably.

With Glide-Path "Oops sorry, we didn't know you were coming" just won't be true and you can prove it.

Please have a look, our system will be live from the start of February 2013.