A GLIIF is not a QR Code, barcode, or 2d tag. GLIIF is a hyper tag, it is engaging, capable of blending into existing artwork, being branded with logo inserts and providing the ability to build brand concentric databases with every scan. Our exclusive push messaging system allows brands to reach out, at the mobile level, with special offers and news.

We are in BETA and are actively seeking strategic partners and agencies to work with. You can get more information here.

From publications, packaging, in store displays we brand interactivity into every piece with a sophisticated tech. solution and provide a savvy solution for the mobile user.

Every scan adds to a brand concentric network for push and in-app messaging for an open line of communication. Basically a hyper-targetted database is established with our solution.

Our only competitor, the QR Code, will destroy your clients image and brings no other benefits to the table.

It is a free service for mobile users which includes social networking GLIIF's and an embedded contact GLIIF in the app. Its really pretty cool and you should check it out.

The GLIIF Reader is currently available on the Apple App store.