GlobaFone is an award-winning satellite communications solutions provider.  We have voice and data solutions from Iridium, Thuraya, KVH, Inmarsat and Globalstar.

Why work with GlobaFone?

GlobaFone clients trust that delegating their SatCom to GlobaFone means:
•     We provide the proper solutions, delivered on time, correctly
•     There will be no problems
•     If there are problems, we’ll fix them, regardless of who is at fault
•     This frees their time to address higher value initiatives.  

Our client base includes federal, state and local government, humanitarian agencies and enterprise organizations.  We are interested n OUR results and will provide objective advice so you can make a better, more informed decision.

As one recent prospect-turned client said:

You don’t know how I appreciated the time you took to explain this to me.  I feel so much better because with you, I was talking to someone sincere and honest and not just a salesperson who was just trying to sell me a product for the sake of getting money.  Thank you for that.

Bottom line: we have the solutions you need, the expertise to guide you and the professionalism to treat you the respect you have earned.

Call us and learn why clients work with us for eight, 10, 12, even 15 years.