This site is for those who live across international boundaries. For those who see passport stamps as a beginning, and true global immersion shared learning and international impact as an end. If you are passionate about not just getting to new countries but building lifetime linkages and making things happen on an international level, then pop in! We share ideas and opportunities to work, study, volunteer, create or do business overseas, as well as insights, resources and community to do it.

Globalization for Good

We believe globalization can be a force pushes the human race to higher levels of economic, ecological, and social well-being—but only if we do it right and actually learn the best from each other.

Connectedness, Impact, and Joy

We live with the mandate to connect the world, make an impact and have a great time doing it.

Producers, Not Consumers

We are therefore global creators before we are global vacationers and producers before we are consumers,  We aim to create a community where members grow philosophically and commercially by connecting, networking and learning from each other.