Our customers can look forward to the following services:

      Translation of books
      Scientific Journals

We at Globale-Kommunikation.com offer a fast, dependable and detailed service of translating books  into over 140 languages ​through our team of professional translators.
When translating books, it opens a whole new world of the literature of foreign countries, history, classics of antiquity, philosophy, religion, art, architecture and expands every reader's worldview.
To read literary classics such as War and Peace, The Ingenious Hidalgo, Don Quixote of La Mancha, Les Miserables and many other works in your own language, wouldn't be possible without an expert book translation service.

Because of ongoing globalization, more and more readers worldwide want to read, old and new works by famous writers from different countries, in their native language.

Our translation agency is aware of the importance of accurate translations, but also translates into the specific terminology of the target language, including its expressions and idioms. For this reason, we only engage translators on our team, that not only translate the literary mood and atmosphere of one book, but are also aware of the different cultural traditions in the target language. We at Globale-Kommunikation.com, do not only limit our expertise to books, but also translate  articles in magazines, journals and so on.

We at Globale-Kommunikation.com also offer an exclusive and unique service. We work with excellent programmers who will assist you if desired, with any computer questions, especially when formatting. We can create for you web pages and design them graphically.

We offer other services such as proofreading, graphic design, printing, mediation with publishing companies and / or film producers, etc., too.

We are a globally connected network and can offer our services throughout the world. If you would like a personal conversation, we can be reached via Skype at any time.

It goes without saying that we meet all our services offered to you always on time.
If you want your work translated not only accurately, but also detailed to the target language, then with us at Globale-Kommunikation.com, you are in the right hands.

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