At Global Executive Solutions you will find the highest quality collection service available in Cyber Space. Our service was designed by a seasoned collection professional who has been in the collection industry since 1987. We excel in all types of collection activity including recovery of commercial, consumer, medical, government and retail accounts both domestically and internationally. We offer the latest in electronic submission of accounts as well as on-line reporting and updating.

As opposed to charging 20 to 40% to collect your accounts, we charge a flat fee averaging about $10 per account. By charging a flat fee, we can offer these distinct advantages:

1) Guarantee consistent collection efforts on every single account regardless of size, age or location. We don't cherry pick.
2) Increase cash flow dramatically
3) Decrease internal collection costs by up to 50%
4) Reduce Days Sales Outstanding
5) Increase Bottom Line Profits
6) Decrease the number of accounts that require attention from hard-core collection agencies.
7) Use methods that are not offensive, allowing you to maintain a good relationship with your customers.
8) Provide 24/7 on-line access to your database.
9) Offer free credit reporting for delinquent debtors