Global IT Expert was incorporated with the aim of delivering outstanding, company specific solutions in the IT area particularly within the finance and insurance sector.

The company established at the beginning of 2009 due to the realisation of its owners, that there is a need, even more though in today's' world, of saving costs. With the combination of 20 years IT experience within the finance & insurance sector and a legal background, we are well equipped to help you optimising your IT department. Our aim is not to bring in unnecessary software and hardware solutions, but to work with what you have by trying to optimise your current infrastructure.

Our worldwide expertise has given us the best opportunities to work with excellent and renown organisations in the market to achieve that goal. Providing customer satisfaction, with the right connections, is driving our vision to offer you high quality and exceptional service, tailor-made for your company. Our continuous aim of expanding our network globally and obtaining high quality team players is important to contribute towards your satisfaction. Therefore a long lasting customer relationship is very important to service you.