Global Migration LLC is an International Relocation Consultancy Firm.
The "Move to" websites provide users with an overview of the immigration process for the country they are investigating and provides details of Immigration Attorneys to handle their case if required and details of processes to be followed to establish themselves in their new country.
The user is then able to gain a basic understanding of how different systems such as Driving, Healthcare and Taxation work.
The user is able to request to be put in touch with companies to quote the shipment of their personal belongings between countries, arrange for International Currency Exchange and Transfer and gain access to Financial Advice before or after making their move.
The "Move to" websites are designed to give the user all of the information and contacts they need to complete the immigration process and start their new life in one simple to navigate site, however should the user wish a Relocation Co-Ordination service is available where the entire process can be arranged for them.
"Move to America" is the first website to go live with "Move to Australia" due for release later this year.