Global Odyssi was started before a surf trip to Bali, Indonesia in April 2010. While Searching for a first aid kit geared towards surfers, Global Odyssi’s founders discovered that a kit like this is hard to come by. Realizing the time, energy and money it took to create a custom first aid kit, the folks at Global Odyssi discovered the need for an “out of the box and ready” first aid and wellness kit, specifically designed for surfers. After researching first aid supplies, procedures, surf climates and terrain, and consulting physicians, the Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid and Wellness Kit was born.

The Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid and Wellness Kit is specifically designed for surfers by surfers. Small and compact, it’s the perfect size to put into your luggage, backpack or anywhere else you need it to go. Tested in Indo, this kit has Surfer’s needs in mind to tackle everything a surf trip throws at you. The Global Odyssi First Aid Manual is a comprehensive guide that covers a variety of injuries, from reef cuts, ocean bites and stings to fractures, wounds and signs of infection, a definite for extreme surf travel. Always good to have with you no matter where you surf. Keeps you safe, keeps you surfing.