Global PMI Partners (GPMIP) is a network of specialised firms, each with a high level of PMI expertise and experience. All members share a consistent strategic vision and service level across regions, aligned behind the following guiding principles:

All Partner Firms are engaged with the following mission statement:

✔  Core focus on integrations and carve outs. Whilst many of our partner firms offer more than just post-merger integration services, the core expertise across our network is M&A integration and separation. Additional advisory services (e.g. M&A strategy, transformation, restructuring complex change management, operational excellence, etc.) are complimentary to PMI.

✔  Creating the alternative to the global advisory firms. With our global network of firms, we are able to deliver world-class merger integration services to clients in a local, foreign or cross-border arrangement. We provide the best alternative to the major global advisory firms, providing only highly experienced consulting teams at much better value and with greater client satisfaction.

✔  Only working with the very best firms as partners. We have generally only invited one firm per country to join our network – the top independent PMI specialist!

✔  Pre-eminence through professional community. Our shared educational and professional service backgrounds (usually in top tier consultancies) bring not just a pooled wealth of knowledge and experience on integration, but also sharing of best-of-breed tools and methodologies. Most of our partner firms speak at leading business schools, write books and/or regularly publish articles in leading publications inside their respective countries, and internationally. By sharing what we know within our community, we ensure we’re all at the forefront of PMI thought leadership.

✔  Differentiation through innovative use of technology. As a network we work with, analyse and utilise the latest web-based tools for communication and programme management so that clients experience a strongly integrated and homogeneous level of service.

✔  Inclusive relationship building to find and work with the best people. As former big-firm consultants, now working in smaller specialist consultancies, our firms all have extensive local and international networks with former colleagues, clients and leading industry professionals. As we’re not constrained by one organisational boundary, we find the best people and put together outstanding teams to work with our clients.