Our expertise on global projects is far beyond simply having resources within a network. Not only are we local experts, we leverage the expertise of global best-in-class resources, including consultants, economic development agencies, municipalities and other key components in order to provide an unrivaled, unbiased, and comprehensive solution.

More to the point, we don’t delegate but personally manage and supervise each transaction beyond completion and provide complete transparency for all projects anywhere around the globe, ensuring our client's ability to leverage their footprint for maximum effect.  This means that not only are we able to save our clients Millions of Dollars on their real estate overheads, we have also provided solutions they were not otherwise able to obtain from any other provider at any price mainly because we are consultancy oriented and not brokerage driven – which mitigates the usual conflicts of interest.  

What we offer our clients is the  creation - and delivery - of outstanding solutions that work in practice, not just look good on paper.