Global Student Services, USA, Inc, is a Homestay Provider ......

and has been dedicated to providing homestays or a 'home away from home’ to international students and tourists and business travelers staying in the Los Angeles area..  We have developed a reputation for high standards, personal service and professionalism.  Please refer to the testimonials.

We take great pride in our ability of not just finding an available room, it is our goal to find the 'right home' with the 'right family'.

We seek hosts who desire to open their homes and hearts to students from all over the world.  The hosts feel as we do, that not only is it a great opportunity for them and their families to learn about other cultures and customs as well as sharing their own, but it also gives the host a new opportunity to see and appreciate our diverse city, customs and lifestyle through the eyes of a visitor.

Homestay is a time for both the host and the students to 'Discover' new cultures, 'Learn' new ideas, 'Teach' each other and 'Accept' one another for who we are.