North-west London nu-soul-jazz outfit GLOBAL TRIBE are releasing their debut single “Children Of The Sun” ft. Elyona Biney (out 24//8 on Interactiv Records) with its amazing innovative accompanying “Soundpad” app available to download from the Apple App store at https://apps.apple.com/tt/app/children-of-the-sun- soundpad/id1526689910?ign-mpt=uo%3D2
The band’s sound is an infectious confection of urban beats with a 70s soul-jazz and Latin tinge and in a radical twist in their live shows the audience joins the tribe using apps and games controllers to get in on the music action. “Children Of The Sun” is built around a funky-as-hell trap beat and a propulsive Latin piano jam with Elyona Biney's dynamic vocals pushing the track to dancefloor heaven.
In addition, the innovative “Soundpad” app features a new interactive mix of the track as well as 25 sounds for you to jam along with either at home or at the GLOBAL TRIBE gigs. If it sounds like something new that’s because it is!
GLOBAL TRIBE came to life in 2019, inspired by founder member Adrian York’s love for the soul-jazz of the 1970s and a desire to have the audience as a crucial part of the band’s performance. He says “It’s been amazing at shows to see and hear the audience members making music with the apps and controllers, vibing off each other and the musicians, and creating a real sense of unity”.