Global Water Intelligence is a monthly magazine about the business of water. We aim to do two things for our readers:

   * tell you where your next dollar is coming from by tracking major water projects around the world
   * discuss with you the emerging trends in the industry to help you formulate strategy

It has made us the unchallenged leader in high-value business information for the water industry - a position we have achieved by following a few simple rules:

1) We talk to people: the internet has made press releases and PR omnipresent,  but what about events and opportunities that those involved would rather you did not know about? What about the thoughts and responses of the people who are really in the know? That kind of information is exclusive, rare and valuable. It comes from a thick contacts book, a big telephone bill, and an easy conversational manner.

2) We don’t give up: we spend most of our time at GWI not getting through to people.  Sometimes it might take 50 ‘phone calls to reach the person with the details of a new project. We don’t give up. We make those 50 ‘phone calls because if we don’t, we know that you will have to.

3) We believe in something: a magazine without values is a very dry thing. At GWI, we are passionate about the value of water. If we can establish the economic worth of water, then everything else will follow. We will see investment in extending water services to the poor, and greater efforts to conserve water in those areas facing the crisis of scarcity. It is a campaign we are taking further with the Sustainable Water Alliance.

The magazine
Global Water Intelligence is published in the second half of each month on paper, in pdf format and online. We mail out around 2,000 copies each month, and claim a readership of over 10,000 senior industry executives in both the public and private sectors. Regular features include:

Need to Know: an opinionated round-up of the month’s events in the water sector.
Analysis: regular columns by GWI publisher Christopher Gasson and Dr. David Lloyd Owen.
Chart of the Month: highlights a key industry statistic.
GWI Water Index: tracks the performance of water on the world’s stock exchanges.
Market Profile: in-depth insight into a specific water market segment.
Desalination Tracker: tracks all proposed desalination plants around the world with a capacity of more than 1,000m3/d.
PPP Tracker: tracks all major public-private partnerships proposed around the world in the water and wastewater sectors.
Water Reuse Tracker: tracks all major water reuse projects proposed around the world.

Market reports
As the leading source of market intelligence on the water industry, GWI is well placed to produce in-depth reports on the international water sector. To date, we have published the following titles:

Global Water Market 2008
Desalination Markets 2007
Water Market USA
Water Market Australia
Water Market India
Water Market China
Water Market Asia
Water Market Europe
Water Market Middle East
Desalination in China
Water Reuse Markets 2005 - 2015
Water Technology Markets  2010
Municipal Water Reuse Markets 2010
Global Water Market 2011

Water Desalination Report
Founded in 1965, Water Desalination Report (WDR) is a weekly newsletter covering the desalination and advanced membrane treatment industry. It has been published by Global Water Intelligence’s parent company Media Analytics Ltd. since 2004. It is edited by industry veteran Tom Pankratz, and has a more technological focus than GWI.

DesalData.com brings together all GWI’s desalination-related assets into a single database platform. Combining market forecasts from our special reports, future projects from Desalination Tracker, industry news from GWI and WDR, and data on the installed base of desalination plants from the IDA Worldwide Desalting Plant Inventory, it is the ultimate information tool for desalination professionals.

IDA Desalination Yearbook
In conjunction with the International Desalination Association, GWI publishes an annual update on the desalination industry, profiling major plants, explaining new technological developments, listing all new plants, digesting the year’s news events and detailing the references of significant suppliers to the industry.

Water Meets Money
Each year GWI runs a conference focusing on water finance and markets, in association with the International Desalination Association. In spite of the Icelandic Ash Cloud the 2010 European conference was held in April in Paris, and sold out (450 participants).
The GWI American Water Summit will be held in Washington DC on 3/4 November 2010.

The Global Water Awards
The winners are selected in a free vote by readers of Global Water Intelligence, Water Desalination Report and by members of the International Desalination Association, and presented at  the GWI European conference.