Globatalent is a blockchain platform designed to decentralize the sports industry. Using a platform based on transparency and security, Globatalent will give sports back to its true owners - the fans. Sports is filled with many middlemen who do not necessarily care about the athletes and players that they financially support. Globatalent is a platform designed to cut out the middlemen and allow fans and supporters from across the world invest and help the careers of budding young talented athletes. For many athletes, the dream of making it professional can be an incredible struggle, mainly due to economic issues, Globatalent is a platform that can give the opportunity for many more to make it in their chosen game. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and influencers in the blockchain industry and the sports industry, the passion and competitiveness within the founders have created an incredible team of hard-working individuals who all see the same vision of having a decentralized sports industry. This has gained the attention of many advisors and ambassadors including world-famous Barcelona striker Luis Suarez. The platform is designed for each and every sport that exists and will even include the esports industry, no sport is missed out and the platform is available for everyone all over the world.