The Asiago PDO Cheese Consortium was set up in 1979 to ensure that only cheese which complies with production regulations is sold as Asiago PDO and to promote the brand, encouraging continuity over time of both the Fresh and Mature varieties.

The Consortium is an association of businessmen, established pursuant to section 2602 of the Italian Civil Code and its members include dairies, cheese makers and affineurs.

In compliance with Italian Law No. 526 of 21 December 1999, it is the responsibility of the Consortium to protect, promote and develop the brand, provide consumers with information and manage the general interests of the designations.

The Consortium monitors the cheese from the moment the milk is collected to production in the dairies, packaging, labeling and sale. This process guarantees that each wheel of Asiago PDO cheese complies with the provisions of the Production Regulations, as well as the production process, whose traceability is guaranteed by the Consortium itself.

The Consortium also safeguards the designation against illegal or improper use in Italy and abroad and its duties include promoting the brand and its distinctive characteristics.
Promotion of the Asiago designation involves educating consumers and giving them accurate information about the specific nature of this great PDO production, which constitutes an important heritage for Italy’s agricultural and food industry.