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CollectKorea offers safe and convenient Korean shopping service, Korean magazine subscription and online shopping for customers around the world.

1. Korean shopping service

With the fastest internet connection in the world, top of the line delivery service (same day delivery is quite common), and practical return policies, online shopping is quite popular in Korea. Korea is an online shopping paradise of all kinds of products.(Kpop merchandise, Korean fashion, Korean style, Korean clothes, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, books and more) But too often these products are difficult or impossible to buy from outside Korea.

CollectKorea offers a safe and convenient Korean shopping service for expats in Korea, people outside of Korea, and buyers or sellers who want to import goods from Korea. We make buying from Korea as easy and painless as possible by handling the language, ordering and payment details for you.

2. Korean magazine subscription

There are over 3,830 registered magazines in Korea. (2010 Minisrry of Culture, Sports & Tourism) We have a plan to introduce all those magazines to customers all over the world. You can request the total cost of magazine subscriptions including shipping cost by filling out the request form.