Glo de Vie Med Spa is the premier medical day spa in Raleigh. Our
Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, R.N.s, and Medical Aestheticians take a multidimensional approach to address the beauty needs of their patients using only the latest technologies and finest products available. We are committed to finding that unique combination of therapies and products that will best enhance each patient's natural beauty and help them achieve their desired results.
Glo de Vie is the exclusive Health and Beauty segment contributor on NBC-17's "MyCarolinaToday" Show. Each of our highly trained practitioners share information they have gleaned through extnsive training and years of experience in their fields of practice. Amanda Gallagher, Nurse Practitioner, understands that a patient doesn't care how much a medical practitioner know until they know how muchshe cares about them. "My favorite part of each day is my patients. The individual makes every encounter new and exciting. It is so rewarding when a patient gets up to leave, gives me a hug, and tells me that I have made a difference in their day." It is Ms. Gallagher's philosophy to offer only those treatments, technologies, and to use techniques that she deems both effective and safe.
The majority of our patients come from referrals from other patients. Most patients desire skin rejuvenation with minimal to no downtime so that they may go back to work or play as quickly as possible. Each patient interaction begins with a detailed consultation to discuss the patient's goals, cosmetic objectives and expectations. All facets of our patient's lives are taken into consideration to create informed and satisfied consumers. Technologically advanced skin care treatments in conjunction with medical grade product systems, appropriate for all skin types, are combined to meet the client's specific skin care needs.
We recognize that our clients have choices when it comes to their treatments, and are committed to excellence. We invite you to make an appointment for a private, complimentary skin care consultation. Whether you desire a subtle change or a dramatic transformation our skin care specialists will work with you to achieve your goals. Allow our team of knowledgeable professionals to personalize skin care solutions to enhance your health and beauty.
Escape the ordinary at Glo de Vie. Don't just shine... Glo!