Global Logistics Shield (GLS) is a 2009 Hong Kong incorporated legal entity offering freight protection services for forwarders and logistics providers.

By establishing a status of credibility of GLS participants, and thereby providing financial security to creditors of protected participants.

The GLS Freight Protection Plan consists of two key components:

underwritten participant bankruptcy insurance for creditors
The GLS Timely Freight Payment Monitoring & Alerting Scheme
Participants' creditors, who are themselves participants and mutually covered by The GLS Freight Protection Plan, are financially protected in case of participant's bankruptcy. GLS is neutral and independent from any single network or association. The GLS Freight Protection Plan is available to all forwarders directly or via co-operating forwarders' or logistics providers' networks and associations and selected partners.

The insolvency and bankruptcy insurance is underwritten by Chartis Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited as General Agent for American Home Assurance Company, Hong Kong Branch, arranged by M.G. Geraghty (Insurance Brokers) Limited, Hong Kong.