We are a non-profit group with the mission to build, support and enhance the gluten free community through lifestyle advice, educational resources, food for celiacs program,  and even an allergen free camp for kids (and yes we will invite the adults too!).  Donations are being accepted for the camp by clicking on the camp link above.

Learn more about our Food For Celiacs Program (FFCP) where you can donate to sponsor a financially challenged family. We are currently seeking donors to assist with the Food for Celiacs Program.  For those who struggle economically, meeting the additional financial challenges that the gluten free requirement creates, can become overwhelming.  This program will allow you to to make financial donations to support a struggling family.   Want to help with donations for the Food Program?  Donations are being accepted at the link above.

Our first annual Gluten Free Expo was a success and showcased over 70 vendors products/services from around the globe.  Our 2nd Annual "gluten free expo" in the Indianapolis community will be held October 13th & 14th, 2012 at the Fountains in Carmel, IN.  We look for it to be even bigger and better.    Please see our "Gluten Free Living EXPO page" to review the plans, details and to see how you can become involved.  It takes a village to run a gluten free expo and we would love to hear from you if you have an interest in becoming a vendor or a volunteer at the expo.   You may want to check out the Gluten Free Living Expo Page to see who our special guest(s) will be.  You will NOT be disappointed!

So, as we begin our journey to build this organization, we hope to see all of you stopping by our site and our blog often.   Please don't hesitate to send your thoughts, comments and words of wisdom and inspiration to Shelia@glutenfreelivingnow.org or Tina@glutenfreelivingnow.org.