Gluten-free.tv is the most premium domain name associated with what is now a $9 billion a year
industry set to grow 20% in 2015.The dot TV domain ending will surpass the value of dot com because
video search and online consumption is in a growth phase, around 13% annually, while text search
growth is flat. The domain Gluten-free.tv is a solid foundation for a national or global video portal for
gluten-free living.

Recent sales prices of premium dot TV domains. Live.tv sold for $500,000. China.tv sold for $100,000.
Furniture.tv sold for $24,000. Amazon paid $1.1 billion for *the company Twitch.tv. dot TV is here to

We're offering Gluten-free.tv at $200,000. This is not an auction. The first party that offers to pay $200,000
buys the domain. All offers welcome.

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