Las Vegas, NV, Dec.31, 2013 — The Guardian Liberty Voice seeks the immediate hire of 900 new writers to expand its market reach in the news and information industry. The online newspaper will create hundreds of positions for writers and is seeking journalists from all over the world to join its current team. The site’s exponential growth has been the catalyst for the additional jobs becoming available. In the short time the Liberty Voice has been in business, the media website has virtually exploded and now boasts nearly ten million unique visitors per month.

The website’s tagline is “boldly inclusive” and the creation of these positions will dovetail with the goal of giving voice to a global community of outstanding citizen journalists.

“We have an incredibly strong team of writers, editors and foreign correspondents in place already,” says Liberty Voice Publisher, DiMarkco Chandler, “but we’ve grown so much over the last two years that we need to rapidly expand our staff to keep up with the demand for top-notch online content.”

The company has published a mission statement on its website which explains its position. It says, in part:

The Guardian Liberty Voice is ushering in a new era in journalism. In fact, we’re redefining what a newspaper is and embracing today’s technology to benefit the public.

“Our paper is different,” says Chandler, “because regular citizens power everything we do. In hiring so many additional writers, we’ll be opening up the channels of global communication in a unique way, allowing people from all over the world to have their voices heard through delivery of instant news and information via a very large citizen-run newspaper. Other social media channels allow citizen journalists to distribute piecemeal news through platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but the Guardian Liberty Voice is one of the first and most organized 100% citizen-run newspapers online today.”

The 900 new writing positions are open now, and all contributors will be able to work from the comfort of their home. Chandler says that allowing all of his journalists to operate remotely facilitates much greater reach in the ever-expanding marketplace.

“Our primary audience is a worldwide audience” says Chandler, “we work extensively with reporters in South Africa, the UK and Egypt now, and are looking to expand further into every region of the globe. We’re hoping the new positions we have open will be filled with a variety of world writers, allowing us to bring even greater depth to our reporting.”

Since the Guardian Liberty Voice launched online in 2012, its writing staff has realized rapid growth. “We started with a staff of three people,” Chandler says, “and we now have 80 writers. We have the infrastructure in place to handle the additional positions and are looking forward to getting to know 900 new members of our tight-knit family.”

Chandler says those interested in the position should first read through the website’s “About Us” page to get a strong sense of the company’s mission and vision. “Candidates for these positions need to know who we are and be on board with our mission of being boldly inclusive. We represent all opinions, political perspectives, experiences and beliefs. We’ve got a political right section, a political left section and everything in between. We have no agenda but the agenda of everyday citizens. New candidates have to stand behind that in order to be considered.”

Chandler goes on to explain that not everyone can become a contributor to the paper. All candidates have to possess a passion for the “boldly inclusive” concept, however, Chandler says they also must have extraordinary writing skills. “We’re hiring many people, but only the best writers will be accepted. We’re looking for citizen journalists but we’re also looking for excellence,” he says. To apply for one of the company’s open positions, visit the Guardian Liberty Voice website by clicking here.

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