GMO Free PA is a grassroots group whose mission is to publicize the newest research and information regarding the risks of genetically modified foods, assist and educate consumers in selecting vendors and products that are GMO free, and advocate for legislation that requires mandatory GMO labeling.

Karen Stark and Annmarie Cantrell met at a Weston A Price meeting in 2011 and decided to have a meeting in April 2012 to see what interest there was on GMO’s in the area. They met Zofia Hausman soon after at a Jeffrey Smith event in Connecticut. GMO Free PA was formed as a 501 (c) (4) in April 2013 and is recognized by the state as a non-for profit.

GMO FREE PA is one of the original members of a national coalition of states that formed during the 2012 Proposition 37 ballot initiative in California. We at the coalition work together for support, encouragement and shared information. We have fostered the strength to make it possible to engage in labeling movement, that some may of felt was impossible. This information that we share is to make the legislation action to be cohesive among the states, to have unity with each other.

We are a state wide organization with the intention of having a GMO FREE PA Chapter in every county in the state so that we may effectively extend our reach, build our momentum and get a labeling law passed. We also work very closely with like minded organizations who have the same mission. We welcome everyone to join us. This is a “we” movement and we need everyone.

GMO Free PA is a registered 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization, however, donations to us are not tax deductible and the identities of donors do not have to be disclosed.

GMO Free PA is allowed to engage in unlimited lobbying activities, and can engage in some campaign activity, but it is not our prime activity. Education is our prime activity. To carry out this important work, increase awareness of the labeling bill and empower people to act upon it, we need your support.

Please become a member and join us in sending a message to our elected officials to pass An Act to Label Genetically Engineered Food.

Our campaign has already been endorsed by the following national organizations: Food Democracy Now, The Organic Consumers Association and The Institute for Responsible Technology.