Gold N Connection Pawn is a chain of pawn shops in South Florida.

Gold N Connection LLC was formed in late 2007 by its three managing members, Josh Davis, Adam Davis, and Jeff Davis. The last names are not a coincidence. Josh and Adam are brothers, and Jeff is their father; all three born and raised in Long Island, New York.

Lets jump back a few years...

Post World War II, Martin Kaminsky, a simple watch repair man opened his first pawnshop in 1947. The company was successful for many years. Jeff met Paula, Martins daughter, and the two were soon married. In 1984 Jeff joined Martin's operation and his knowledge and devotion quickly grew the company to an industry leading outfit. Both Adam and Josh grew up working with their father, learning everything about the pawn industry. It became their dream to one day open their own store.

In 2008 Both Adam and Josh brought their dream to reality. Henry Peterson of Top Dollar Pawn in Pompano Beach Florida was looking to sell his shop. Through mutual friends, Jeff and Josh were introduced to Henry (Pete) and not long after, signed papers for Gold N Connection to purchase Top Dollar. On July 21, 2008, Gold N Connection had its grand opening. Jeff, Josh, and Adam were in business.

November 6, 2009 Gold N Connection assumed control of Brooks Pawn. A short distance from the Dixie Highway location, Adam and Josh have started their growth and attempt to improve the image the general public has of Pawn Shops.

June 28, 2010 Gold N Connection assumed control of Cash-Inn of Hollywood. Yet another short distance from the first two locations. Store #3 is located on 441 (State Rd 7) right near the busy Hard Rock Casino. Gold N Connection has now joined the ranks of a very small number of family owned chain of pawnshops in South Florida. Gold N Connection is growing at a rapid pace thanks to its hard workers!

In under three years, Gold N Connection Pawn Shop has opened its fourth location and assumed control of Sopranos Pawn Depot of Margate March 4, 2011. We are proud to announce this is our second store in which we will no longer be taking in firearms as the previous owner has. We are making great strides to clean up our industy image!