Gnosi is focussed on delivering increased tangible performance for business by forming strong partnerships focussed on performance improvements. We achieve these results through the use of commercial and technical knowledge that engage our reporting, analytics, modelling, transformation, technology and change management methodologies. The services Gnosi delivers range from reviewing your strategic landscape and existing reporting, analytical and modelling processes and capabilities. Identifying where there is under and over representation of commercially valuable insight and addresses these in collaboration with you. We proceed in partnership by closing any performance gaps in content, presentation, technologies and capabilities. We ensure best practice in rapid business performance within a cost effective solution offering. Contact us to find out how we can increase your company’s performance.

Services/Solutions include:
• Analytics
• Board Reports
• Business Intelligence
• Business Modelling
• Cash Flow Modelling & Planning
• CFO as a Service Interim & Part Time Basis
• CIO Dashboard
• Costing Models
• CRM Analytics
• Customer Churn & Retention
• Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM)
• Cognos Finance / UNICOM Finance
• Cognos TM1
• Dashboards for Executives
• Enterprise Reporting
• Excel - Advanced Applications & Audit
• Excel - Advanced Financial Modelling
• Excel - Audit & Correct Model Files
• HR KPI Dashboards
• HR Reporting & Analytics
• Inventory Reduction Analytics
• Management & Operational Reporting
• Manufacturing Modelling & Reporting
• MS Access Developers
• MS Excel Budgets, Forecasts & Planning
• MS Excel Reports & Analytics
• Operational Modelling & Planning
• Rapid Application Development
• Reporting Strategy
• Retail Analytics, Dashboard & Modelling
• Revenue Modelling & Planning
• Strategy Modelling
• Supply Chain Analysis & Dashboards

Contact us to discuss how we can partner to increase your business performance at www.gnosi.com.au