Our offshore company consultants are familiar with the most up to date offshore legislation and international tax laws, providing clients with the maximum flexibility when arranging their personal or corporate financial affairs. Our offshore company set up process is designed to be hassle free and we assist you every step of the way.

“Both corporations and individuals regularly make use of offshore companies as a vehicle for the legal avoidance of taxes.”
Why Choose Us?
We are recognised as one of the worlds leading offshore professionals
We have associated offices around the world
Our team consists of multi-lingual consultants
We can open doors to international banks and finance houses
We are here to negotiate and achieve your goals
We have access to a large network of agents for all offshore company formations

Our Tenerife Office

Tenerife, our main office, is situated in the Upmarket Cape Can business centre, Winter Gardens, Amarilla Golf, Tenerife
with easy access to Reina Sofia International Airport. There are regular scheduled flights to Madrid, connecting all major world airlines. Tenerife benefits from all-digital mobile communications networks, a regular international courier service (operated by numerous global companies), and an excellent national postal service. Many clients take advantage of our corporate accomodation address service for their offshore business, and we refer to this in more detail on our services area.

With the added benefit of beautiful weather and surroundings, this is the ideal location to base all your offshore requirements, irrespective of the jurisdiction or offshore incorporation of your company or personal domicile.

Clients worldwide are guaranteed complete financial confidentiality when dealing with their corporate or personal affairs. Our multi-lingual team of consultants and staff are dedicated to providing a first-class service, tailored to suit each clients individual needs.
Our UK Office

Our brand new UK Office opened in early 2010 and now consists of 4 full time staff. Based in Leeds . The UK office allows a convenient meeting place for UK clients and is only 1 hour 45 minutes away from the capital, London. You can contact our UK office on 08456769732 to speak to one of our consultants, or arrange a meeting.
Associated Offices

As well as the UK Proactive Financial Consultants SL have associated agent offices in Canada, Seychelles, Singapore, Cyprus and Belize making us one of the worlds leadings consultants in offshore finance.

There is nothing sinister in so arranging ones personal affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everybody does so, rich and poor – nobody owes any public duty than the law demands taxes are enforced extractions not voluntary contributions” (US Judge Learned Hand)