Resort Business Opportunities (RBO), is the first and only business-for-sale  listing website dedicated to resort locations around the U.S. RBO is goal is to match the right buyer to the right opportunity—be it seaside or slope side, restaurant or retail. We provide all of the information and tools you need to buy or sell your business in paradise.

Who We Are:
The founders of RBO have a combined 100+ years of experience living, working, and owning businesses in resort communities across the country.  We understand the unique challenges that these desirable—but sometimes isolated and quirky—locations pose to a would-be business owner.   We also know that it’s about more than just recreational activities and the number of sunny days per year.   A business purchase in any resort town is a nebulous combination of person, place, lifestyle, and opportunity.  RBO will help sort it all out.

What We Do:
No two peoples’ ideals of what they want out of a resort town, and a better life, are similar. Through our resort-centric search criteria we try to give prospective business owners every piece of information they need to construct their perfect alternative lifestyle choice.  For buyers who wish to focus on a particular area of expertise, RBO listings are searchable by business type, saving valuable time by eliminating non-applicable results.  We also understand that the prospective buyer is buying into the place as much as the business.  To that end, RBO provides helpful additional information about the region in which a listing is located, such as links to the Chamber of Commerce. And because no paradise would be complete without the right weather forecast, we have linked RBO to a local weather service, so that any buyer can access the seasonal weather patterns at the location where a business is listed.    RBO then brings all of this information together at a national level, giving both buyers and brokers maximum exposure to the U.S. resort business marketplace.

For Buyers:
Whether you’re a first-time business owner or seasoned entrepreneur, RBO offers streamlined and customizable search capabilities to meet your needs.  We do not require users to create personal profiles or fill out time-wasting questionnaires.  We do not charge subscription fees or inundate you with advertising.  What we do is simply put our expertise to work by evaluating the myriad factors that will ultimately drive your business purchase:  weather, location, geographical characteristics, outdoor activities, and—of course—business requirements.    What this all amounts to is letting RBO do the legwork for you, for free!

For Brokers:
The number one challenge facing brokers in resort towns is a small audience with limited exposure.   The nature of resort communities is such that no one is ever “from” there—most have relocated for the lifestyle and surroundings—which means that advertising locally effectively cuts off your key demographic.  Sites that specialize in a single geographic area may work well for buyers who know they want to live, for example, in Hilton Head.  But what about buyers who merely know they want to live near a beach, and are looking for a business opportunity to define the location?  RBO helps you reach your target audience nationwide at rates that are comparable to—or in most cases, less than—traditional business listing sites.

Getting Started:
If you’re a potential buyer, all you need to do is enter as many—or as few—search criteria as you like, and RBO will generate a customized list of business opportunities for sale.  Review the results, save your favorites to “My RBO”, and you’re one step closer to living your dream.  It’s that easy!

If you’re a listing agent, visit the ‘Brokers’ tab and click on ‘register’ to join our broker program.  From there, you’ll be able to post unlimited listings to properties you represent for one low monthly rate.  Reaching a national audience has never been so simple, or so affordable!