GO Travel Gear provides airlines, cruise ships, tour companies and travel agencies with private label travel products to build ancillary revenue, build their brand and improve the customer's travel experience. GO Travel products are developed with every travel challenge in mind, and then extensively tested by real travelers.  

From product sourcing, development and branding, to copy writing and training, GO Travel offers travel service providers everything they need whether the channel is onboard retail, web sales, direct mail, or airport kiosks.  Services range from individual product sourcing to complete web store set-up including shopping cart management, inventory management , order fulfillment, customer service and call center support.

With more than 25 years of retail experience in all channels, GO Travel Gear combines a passion for travel with retail know-how.    From entertainment companies to travel goods catalogs, GO Travel has worked with and learned from the best.  The direct import office, Golden Orchid, has  been supplying cruise ships, airport stores and travel goods retailers for more than 60 years.

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