GoBizMedia.com is a premier digital marketer and online traffic driver focused on the alternative investment industry, specifically Hedge Funds.

While each of the websites we create is unique and custom tailored to our client’s requirements, we’ve created two packages designed to streamline the process of website creation for hedge funds. Answering the needs for both new or established hedge funds looking to create an online presence, GoBizMedia.com has created a unique flexible solution for hedge funds that utilizes various intuitive open-source Frameworks.

Our platform is designed to provide our hedge fund clients with an intuitive, secure and LAMP compliant website perfectly suited for the hedge fund marketplace. Hedge Fund Websites guarantees data security by using fully tested and trustworthy Internet frameworks.

GoBizMedia.com is responsible for various marketing and lead generating for asset managers, hedge fund consultants, executive search firms, third party marketers and other capital raising professionals.  

GoBizMedia.com is a New York based creative development group who specializes in dynamic website design for hedge funds.  Our design team has years of experience in graphic design, website development, online marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Our advisory team is made up of experienced designers and hedge fund consultants who provide the insight and direction in creating effective hedge fund websites.

In April 2012 GoBizMedia.com was acquired by GMB Direct, Inc. expanding services offered by GoBizMedia.com as well strengthening its online marketing division.  

GMB Direct, Inc. is a global leader with over 10 years experience in online traffic generation and management for various industries.  GMB employs over 250 with offices across  North America, Russia, and the Philippines.