CardSecure®, the cornerstone of CardConnect’s secure payment solution, combines Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) with patented tokenization and a PCI-certified vault for risk-free card data storage. Our advanced technology allows medical providers, B2B and B2G businesses of any size to instantly store encrypted and tokenized card data, off-site, for future use. Use the token for easy refunds, outstanding balances, card on file or quickly create payment plans.

Complete ERP and Security solutions. CardConnect offers best-in-class ERP solutions for business using Oracle EBS, SAP and everything in between. The CardConnect integration delivers a seamless manner to accept payments from any sales channel you choose - e-commerce, mobile, retail, etc. With P2PE, tokenization and a 100% secure vault, our solution will remove your company from the scope of PCI compliance while keeping your customers safe from fraud.

Combined with a patented encryption and tokenization platform are products such as Interchange Optimization, which effectively lowers processing costs by optimizing interchange rates, and Account Updater, which automatically update any card on file when new cards are issued.