Welcome to Core Fitness & Management! We are a health club management company that focuses on helping our clients provide the type of fitness facility that works for them. Our programs are flexible enough to fit into any setting, yet intense enough to be effective. We provide result driven solutions that are affordable and suitable for each client.  Our onsite fitness programs are customized to fit each client and range from on site fitness classes and personal training to wellness workshops. Our management services are both cost effective and productive. We work with a dedicated and progressive team that is extremely versatile and progressive in managing all types of onsite fitness centers to meet the needs of all fitness clubs.

Core Fitness looks to cater to the young professional within our clients facilities, by keeping our gyms modern, technologically savvy and very efficient; however, this does not limit our centers to anyone. We have found that our style of fitness centers help engage every type of member within our clients building and have truly become the core that holds the building together.

As your fitness partner we provide a hands free management style that allows you as our client to leave the day to day maintenance and hassle of a gym up to us while we work for you to drive profits into your center and help drive up participation rates. Your fitness center has amazing potential. Not only can it help your current employees be healthy and productive, but it can also be an attractive incentive for prospective hires. It can act as a “brand steward” or as a showcase that elevates your company’s stature in the community and within your industry. Let us be the Core of your building. Core Fitness is a fitness club management company that designs and manages fitness centers inside existing companies and buildings. We also offer programs designed to engage current tenants within our clients’ buildings, increase productivity, and help members reach their fitness goals no matter their level of experience.
Core Fitness & Management fills two important needs for residential and commercial buildings:
•     State-of-the-art fitness facilities and programs that help create relationships with tenants or employees
•     An income for the building lessor or owner at a small investment or none at all
We add value and profits through partnership. By transforming underutilized Fitness Centers into inviting, engaging Profit centers, we help employers, apartment buildings, hotels, and building managers/owners generate income, stand out from the competition, and add a luxury amenity for tenants. At the same time, we provide a solution for individuals to break away from unhealthy lifestyles caused by sedentary jobs, lack of time for exercise, and lack of knowledge that most people need for a healthy life.
Our goal is to become the number one resource for buildings in health and fitness. We bring our proven programs and exercises to the tenant before work, during lunch, or after work. Besides solving the problem of expensive overhead of fitness centers for small companies, Core Fitness also provides an online option for fitness and exercise programs. This popular format not only helps to eliminate the fear of new users to the gym by allowing them to exercise at home, but it also delivers ultimate convenience to users while they travel.
Core Fitness& Management is a win-win solution for building owners and the tenants who work or live in them.Readily available, we have trainers and nutrition experts to help new members get over the fear and anxiety of joining the gym and we will reach out to members with the help and assistance of the current property management team and human resources. Core will work hand and hand with the building and tenants to help shape the gym’s culture and atmosphere.  We want to serve as a showcase amenity for the building or employer. We believe that if people are happy and healthy, their community flourishes.