GoddessMedia, is an emerging publisher of thought provoking content. The Imprint published its first book on Sept. 7, 2011, one week later a surge around the country demanding answers from Wall Street and Big banks ensued. The current boycott sit in orchestrated by school students rallied upon Wall Street and in various parts of the country is because of reasons spelled out in this awesome eye opening read, “Myth Behind Foreclosure, Wall Street, Big Banks and You!” by Urika Ramseur.

The “Girl from Detroit series™” gives you the tools to help you through foreclosure and unlawful attacks on your property. Keeping you up to date with the latest laws and provisions that can save your home! The author was on the ground floor dealing with people day to day before and after the crisis, as a licensed professional. She spent the later part of her career helping people out of this foreclosure/ banking fraud mess.

This book was written to enlighten the masses about things that are not being advertised or disclosed to the people, by the "powers" who we expect it to come from. "Myth Behind Foreclosure" will take the cover off your old ideas about the "system" and how it is ran as it relates to the foreclosure epidemic, Wall Street, Big Banks and You! The author will give you information and tools to assist in dealing with foreclosures; before, during and after the foreclosure process. The author even gives you information on how to recover your property after it has been unlawfully taken. You get 2 Books in 1, authors Auto-biography and "Myth Behind Foreclosure". The author felt it necessary to let the audience know her background and get to learn how and why she is considered an expert in her field. The author is a licensed real estate broker; who tells a compelling story of how she came up in the "real estate game" and now, how she helps people to get out of the foreclosure crisis. There are recent orders and judgments against big banks, all included in the Myth behind foreclosure.

The woman who coined the phrase, "Myth behind Foreclosure" At the age of 19 the author made her first real estate deal. Since then never looked back. Became licensed in real estate appraising, mortgage lending, real estate brokering. The author was ahead of her time as she predicted several years ago the recent fall of the real estate market and the causes; unlawful foreclosures, corrupt attorney firms and banking fraud. She has seen it all, as a licensed professional, then an investor and landlord. She has gone through the same foreclosure abuses and banking fraud even as a licensed professional and fought back! The author writes to help people suffering unnecessarily, To help people that are looking for answers to real estate/ foreclosure issues, during these seemingly turbulent times. The author has taken book knowledge, street smarts, fifteen years of practical experience and Professionalism and put it in this book to help the people that are facing these issues

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