The Conquest Delegation Limited is an edutainment management company responsible for the Relay Conquest brand of products, guiding the establishment of a new brand of Conquest clubs internationally. We seek to introduce our first club within colleges and universities to give full access to students for the enhancement of their lifestyle, providing them access to a new range of economic, educational, cultural and sporting activity.

We have provided an open access to the company by way of our website so as to enable the public to take advantage of opportunities presented. The site can be accessed at: go-conquest.com introducing new ventures for the young visionary thinkers. Our educational Conquest board game is at the core of what we do and as such will give rise to a new industry.

The company will be moving to establish a series of Conquest tournaments within the year 2015 and this will be giving exposure to college students and otherwise as they compete for titles and bragging rights. We will be going in search of a new generation of achievers and success stories.