We are Advanced Credit Technologies partnered with Contata, a Minneapolis based Software Company that has and offers the most high end resources for strategy and planning with a global delivery model for execution.  Our two core products are a Brand able and automated credit management platform and a Facebook applicaiton called @work.

Our core product a Credit Management Platform is designed to allow Realtors, Loan Originators, Auto Dealers, Any Business in Recreation Sales or any business whose sales are dependent on a customer’s credit score or the ability to obtain affordable financing will benefit significantly from using our product, increasing sales and increasing profits.  We offer businesses and consumers a medium to resolve poor credit creating a pipeline of future sales for businesses.

@work widget which is the only retail application to date allowing businesses and individuals to market their products and services on Face book, the largest and most popular social platform on the internet to date with nearly 350,000 new users signing up daily.  This allows direct sellers and companies penetrate social networks with their brand, better leverage the power of their distributor network and build a better and lasting relationship with its agents and distributors creating loyalty in end-users.