Goffa International Corporation has been a major supplier of both everyday and seasonal plush, as well as pet toys and water toys for over 38 years. Our extensive experience has allowed us to offer high-quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Goffa designs and manufactures products for our customers worldwide. We own and operate state-of-the-art factories in China. Being the manufacturer is advantageous for our clients as it allows us to streamline the process which controls costs and allows us to monitor the quality of our products closely. Based on our clients’ needs, we are able to develop complete product lines with a quick turnaround. Additionally, our China and USA offices are able to provide excellent support around the clock.

We pride ourselves in outstanding design capabilities, services, superior products, and, of course, commitment to our customers. Our priority is our customer’s satisfaction and to provide competitive prices, quality products, and timely shipments.

We are fully certified, abide by federal laws and regulations, and are experienced with most third-party testing labs both in the United States and in China.