Looking for high-quality natural LEAD-FREE, DYE-FREE, PARABEN-FREE face paints and Make Up Kits ? You found them!

Go Green Face Paint is a fun, organic alternative to the face paint that is in the marketplace today. Whether your creativity takes you into a fantasy world of witches and warlocks; or pretending to be an animal, a princess or a superhero; or attending your favorite sports event, Go Green Face Paint can make your outfit complete. And, it’s tons of fun! Moms, dads, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, customers, and employees can all enjoy the fantasy and fun of face painting.

Popular all year round! A safe alternative to the harsh petroleum-based products. Ready to apply with sponges, brushes or fingertips. Stage performers prefer our natural face paint. It's long lasting and still allows the face to breathe.

15 vibrant colors and 6 different kits. Every color is safe for eyes, lips and face. The stackable sets are easy to customize. Each kit comes with a free applicator set.

Our products are free of harmful ingredients. They Do Not contain any of the following: - No micronized minerals/nano-particles - No coated minerals - No Parabens - No preservatives - No talc - No Bismuth (causes itching, redness or rashes) - No Synthetic dyes - No parabens - No carmine - No fragrances - No PetroChemicals - Non-comedogenic / Will not clog pores - Cruelty Free / No Animal Testing. Made in USA