Go Green Tailgate started with the idea of creating a more convenient way for people to tailgate at their favorite events. After exhaustive research and testing, what started as a simple concept, 'build a better tailgate', has expanded to driving a more environmentally friendly effort. All of Go Green Tailgate's products and packages fit three criteria, convenience, disposability, and environmental sustainability.


As the market for more eco-friendly products continues to grow, suppliers are beginning to find new and innovative ways to change their methods of operation. Chinette for instance now promotes their line of paper plates as compostable. If you aren't aware of what compostability is, it is the action of disposed items breaking down into their elemental units. Why should you care? Well every plate, plastic cup, plastic fork, etc. that goes into the garbage ends up in a landfill. Unless these specify that they are compostable, you can find them years and years later. They don't break down. All of our plates, cups, utensils and packaging are compostable.


Each party pack is 97% environmentally sustainble. This includeds the products, packaging, and disposable materials which are designed to breakdown in landfills or be recycled. What isn't compostable is designed to be recycled i.e. our EZGrill and foil grill top pan, aluminum grill tongs, and recycle containers themselves.


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