GoHYHO, which stands for "Go Help Yourself, Help Others," is a new web platform that combines deals from local busiensses with a rich donor engagement experience.  Local businesses offer promotions on our site with a 10% donation built in.

- 10% of each purchase is donated to a nonprofit (from a list) of the consumer's choice
- Nonprofits update these donors on how their donations are impacting designated projects in the community.  With GoHYHO, the relationship between donor and nonprofit doesn't have to end after the donation is made--as it often does with many nonprofits.
- Consumers can track how much they've "passively" donated to all nonprofits, each particular nonprofit, and (later on) to each nonprofit category (i.e. cancer research, education, culture, etc).
- Consumers can find out what kinds of nonprofits their friends and family are interested in.
- Consumers can earn badges based on their donation activity, which they can share through social media.

Mission: GoHYHO truly is a WIN-WIN-WIN for all: consumers save money as they explore and discover fantastic new businesses, businesses gain new, loyal customers with more money in their pockets (vs. Groupon, Living Social, etc.), and charities/nonprofits get more funding, exposure, and engagement!