Going2college.com is a website for students primarily of the CAO and UCAS regions (Ireland and the UK), which allows student's to express their opinions on their course.  These opinions are compiled on each course to provide an insight for students considering partaking in that course.

The website address is www.going2college.com.  On going2college cao and ucas students offer their opinions on their course, in the form of comments and ratings, in particular detailing the skills required for a student partaking in that course.  Thus students can use this website to voice their opinion on their course.  It also allows the website to act as a type of course guidance for second level students who may be considering studying this course.  The whole process of leaving a comment can be done in a matter of minutes.

Going2College.com also has a forum section for student interaction and socialising, covering basically any student related topic including: academic problem sharing and solving, exchanging entertaining stories, pictures and videos and for general student related discussions.  Users can also add polls to the threads they post.

The forum also contains an arcade with over 1,000 games, a TV guide and a daily horoscope

    Going2college.com is an Independent Student Life Education experience Website and Service.
Going2college’s ultimate goal is not only to allow third level students to rate and comment on their course but to provide a resource for students who wish to attend third level education. It is also intended as a means of communication between students both academically and socially.
The general aims of this website include:
a.     Capture real life experience of 3rd level Students of Courses included in UCAS and CAO, as is directly from student communities. This is done by allowing the student to rate and comment on their particular course. Thus realising a student only social network online.
b.     Present the accumulated rating and experience for current and future generations of students emerging from 2nd level or engaged in 3rd Level generally. Thus these students can gage their suitability to the course.
c.     Host a Forum for live academic problem sharing and solving among students who are members of the going2college community.
d.     Develop a fun based share forum, through which students can exchange humorous and entertaining stories, pictures and videos to enrich the lives of students.
e.     Provide general discussion forums on a wide range of student related topics.