Gold Lasso is the fastest growing email service provider servicing the middle and enterprise marketplaces.  Our rapid growth and success can be attributed to our simple recipe for value; provide an easy to use product, jam-packed with features, price it considerably less than the competition and sprinkle top-notch customer service over top.

The idea that enterprise-level software doesn't need to come with a traditional enterprise-level price tag is a philosophy shared by hundreds of our clients and only a company with open-source roots can afford to give.  We realize that we don't create great products and services, our clients do.  Over 90% of our product and service features were designed and specified by our clients. We consistently solicit feedback and ask for participation during the development process.  After clients tell us what they want, we do something novel, we build it!

We’ve created a never-ending process of consistent improvement and dedication to client service. This is how we set ourselves apart from the competition. This is the Gold Lasso difference.