Golden Group International, LTD, or Golden Group, is a contemporary, innovative group of designers dedicated to developing unique products for discreet, sanitary, cost effective, and convenient disposal of soiled sanitary items. Along with disposal of feminine hygiene supplies, S.A.C. products may also be utilized for proper disposal of various incontinence products such as adult diapers and baby diapers and non-hazardous medical waste in dentists and physician’s offices,medical institutions and assisted living homes.

Golden Group is in the process of producing cost effective solutions that speak to the current global attitude on protecting the environment. Going “green” is of utmost importance to the company. The need for fully degradable plastic is critical. Millions of tons of plastic waste are buried annually in landfill sites around the world. Huge amounts of plastic waste are mixed up with other composting materials within the domestic and industrial waste streams. This results in much longer degrading time and causes the potential for preventing the breakdown of other surrounding biodegradable materials.