This is a program for members by invitation.  You are fully supported by World class training available 24/7 through your back office or a sponsor that is vested in your success.  Live Question and Answer sessions occur twice per week.  These sessions enlighten and educate anyone involved as prospective members or active members seeking others experiences.  Individuals who become involved in this program soon realize the magnitude and life changing decision they have made.   The program founders started in 2001 and invested heavily in the process and determining the functionality of this program.  Many others have duplicated the process but have not really succeeded simply because this was founded on well researched principles and continues to adhere to those principles.  New members are the breathe of life for this program and will continue to be for decades to come.  Simply because the foundation was solidly formed.   We welcome you to view our introductory videos at http://www.moneyplusu.com  make sure you enter your information and you will be amazed by the concept of what is offered and how you can change your life and circumstances.